Sales and marketing expertise for operational actions



• Highly qualified databases
• Creation and qualification of files
• Market and competition research
• Positioning and identification of value proposition



• Creation of sales pitches and business tools
• Dedicated teleprospecting and technical language
• Taking qualified appointments and organizing commercial tours
• Customer loyalty and relaunching
• Negotiation and relaunching of quotes
• Satisfaction survey with ENKETOR



• Creation of brand environment
• Lead generating website
• Product launch
• Sales presentations
• Animation tools
• Marketing automation
• Monitoring & REFERENCING
• Micro-emailing/Document Tracking



• Teleprospecting in Europe & North Africa
• Trade shows in Europe
• Professional language level

Our services

Offering a "turnkey" and tailor-made sales force to develop your business

What if you enjoyed all the advantages of a high-performance and operational sales team, without having to manage the constraints related to human resources management? At SELLS, we train dynamic salespeople for you
, with a full knowledge of your sector of activity.
 Our sellsizers identify themselves with your corporate culture and act on your behalf, in accordance with your DNA.

From the start of its mission, our team is efficient and ready to achieve your ambitious goals as quickly as possible.

After a thorough analysis of your business and your market, we set up prospecting criteria, tools and develop a commercial campaign for you. We look for new business opportunities and monitor our effectiveness through periodic reporting. To develop your sales, we have set up five pillars of commercial outsourcing made in SELLS.

Our strengths

From the beginning to the end of your project, SELLS accompanies you in all your strategic decisions and provides you with personalized solutions. Our goal is common: to maximize your profits and ensure a visible return on investment.


Because each company is unique, SELLS offers solutions adapted to your development and totally customised.

1. Preparation

Our multidisciplinary team evaluates the nature of your projects and develops an adapted commercial system. This step includes a complete study of your market, your objectives and your potential for evolution. To achieve your goal and increase your turnover, we determine together a business strategy. SELLS suggests flexible proposals and diversified actions, while combining them with defined costs. Thus, your expenses are controlled and are fully in line with your growth project.

2. Enforcement

To execute this action plan, we put together a dedicated team with experience in your area of activity and we train them according to the needs of your company. Once operational, our sellsizers reenforce your sales organization and operate on your behalf.

3. Reporting

Each action performed is reported to you in a precise and relevant way. At each stage of our mission, we analyze the repercussions of our actions and measure the impact on your development. The results are communicated to you in complete transparency. If necessary, changes will be made.

Technical sectors

The nature of each activity is different and your business is unique. However, all companies have one thing in common: to grow, they absolutely need a sales force. To meet the specificities of each sector, commercial outsourcing must be versatile. This is why the founders of SELLS come from various professional backgrounds. This allows us to have a very technical vision of your expectations and to multiply our added value.  Our teams are composed of technical salespeople, recruited for their dynamism as well as for their technical background. Each of them is then trained internally responding to our commercial approach. The teams we set up on each mission therefore have very advanced knowledge, related to your sector of activity. They act in line with your company’s values. Thus, we have the certainty that our team members represent your offer with efficiency and relevance.

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