Industry at the heart of our prospecting actions

Respond effectively to your commercial challenges and develop your turnover thanks to personalized commercial outsourcing by SELLS. An experienced staff specialized in the industry to accompany you from strategy to operational actions! Coming from industrial subcontracting, we bring you audacity, authenticity and above all results!

above all results! "Every year, SELLS generates thousands of leads, consultations, qualified appointments... and millions of € of turnover to its customers! »

SELLS, your strong arm to approach new markets

Having SELLS in your team allows you to have a real strong tool to accelerate your market presence, win new customers or test a new sector.

The advantages of commercial outsourcing are numerous, and especially at SELLS!

Here are the main ones (incomplete list!):

  • Access to business excellence from expert customer contact professionals and powerful tools. For example, we are able to quickly find and address on your behalf sub-assembly manufacturers, aeronautical equipment manufacturers, contractors in the medical sector or hydrogen industry leaders
  • The ability to work with multiple languages in international contexts
  • Structured actions, performed in full transparency and on your behalf
  • Budget control
  • Quick set-up & independence
  • The commitment to bring you performance through common challenges, measurable results through adapted indicators and a strong ROI
  • Flexibility, adaptability to your teams & organizations

Confidentiality & precise knowledge of industrial sectors

SELLS: a commercial and industrial DNA

After rich successful experiences in B to B, we want to offer the best development levers to companies from various fields while bringing utmost performance.

We naturally choose the region of Ain in France with its industrial areas to establish our headquarters. We are close to 2 airports, major cities and many clusters. A location that allows us to work everywhere in France and furthermore in Europe.

SELLS is committed to the success of its customers and makes every effort to achieve the objectives. Since its creation SELLS has been sensitive to the quality of life of its employees and its interactions in its ecosystem and has today a team of about thirty sellsizers. The successes of tomorrow are written today!

Becoming the leader of the BtoB sales force in technical and industrial environments.

  • 3 entrepreneurial enthusiasts who have held strategic positions, in international industrial and commercial fields
  • High-level technical & operational knowledge
  • Long-term partnerships & an impeccable reputation
  • Risks & strong commitments
SELLS is a clear concept based on strong values!







Your challenges & objectives



your customer portfolio and your sectors of activity: identify and approach for you prospects that are difficult to access in a powerful way, schedule appointments with technical specialists, generate targeted RFQs or find new perspectives by technical analogy.

Integrate your value chain

Integrate your value chain

you have technical skills and want to develop your own range of products, better know the market potentials or simply build a new specific strategy.



a marketor a new country faster than your competitors. Effectively approach technical managers, innovation directors, CFOs, purchasing departments, etc.



data of commercial actions following a capitalistic operation or simply develop your commercial data (company memory, historisation)



a substantial customer portfolio, developing a high-level customer journey, creating seasonal actions or multi-channel operations



a faster market than your competitors or a new country. Effectively approach technical managers, innovation directors, CFOs, purchasing departments, etc.



the performance of your sales department and field teams, identifying and approaching new customers



your employees (making appointments, negotiating, digital tools, etc.)

Considerable advantages

Commercial outsourcing has considerable advantages in terms of management and development

Reduce costs

quickly enjoying an efficient operational team and powerful tools, without having to bear hiring or investment costs

Focus on your core business

optimizing and strengthening an existing organization

Benefit from expertise

like an athlete with his sparring partner, benefit from a complete sales staff that brings you an external and innovative vision of the company, as well as differing market approaches

Responding to fluctuations in activity

for the sake of anticipation, adaptability, responsiveness and flexibility.

Freeing yourself from constraints

related to human resources


The ideal partner

With its multi-sector expertise, SELLS:


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